Moyinoluwa Rainbow Foundation {MRF} is centered on helping children and families living with Down’s syndrome. We believe in the ability of children with additional needs and that people with Down’s syndrome can live life to the fullest. They possess AN EXTRA ABILITY.

Times are changing and we strongly believe that one cannot go wrong with early support and intervention because being proactive from birth onwards reduces future stress of managing Down’s syndrome later on in life. In the past, it was believed that there were many things that people with Down syndrome could not do, when in fact they had never been taught or given the opportunity to try.

At MRF, we encourage effective healthcare, good parenting skills, everyday family activities, early intervention and support especially from birth; this helps to aid development. Likewise, in supporting development, good primary education, various therapies, improved fine and gross motor skills, toilet training, behavioral, etiquette, recreational, vocational trainings and community activities are required.

This is why we do not focus on only the children living with Down’s syndrome alone, but we also involve the parents and other family members our children belong to into our curricular. The drive of this, is to equip parents and family members with skills and abilities to support their loved ones as they are the first advocate for these children in our society.

Our Objectives

Moyinoluwa Rainbow Foundation is a charity organization set up with the following objectives:

  • To create awareness that people living with developmental challenges and related learning disabilities can live normal and purposeful lives.
  • To provide balanced information and support in an attractive, welcoming, stimulating and enabling environment.
  • To painstakingly ensure the development of children through the effective and appropriate delivery of therapy and skills that will produce a happy and cheerful child.
  • To assist in building the child and parents/carers confidence.
  • To promote early intervention/support by “saying it right and starting it right” in an enabling environment.
  • To identify certain risks and benefits while encouraging activities, social skills and positive behavior in the lives of the children.
  • To provide social care, learning support, support groups within the community and also organize training and symposiums for the carers on skills required to care and support these children who are often very vulnerable.
  • To help raise funds for children needing medical attention (heart surgeries and other health complication), speech and physical therapy, learning support and any other type of intervention.
  • As we grow, we aim to partner with other organizations and expand to other countries to create awareness.